The Cryolux Group is a Leading temperature solutions company backed by a team of industry-leading thermal research scientists coupled by a management team with expertise in servicing the some of the world's leading organisations including assistance to several safety regulatory bodies around the world. The company focus on US FDA approved innovations with Food Safety in Mind and aim to fill the gap for complex cold chain requirements in both commercial and consumer markets. All these innovations are manufactured In ISO & HACCP certified factories. Cryolux group now have established operations in North America, New Zealand, Australia and PRC.Cryolux continuously researches the market for new products and conduct intensive tests to evaluate the quality of the products available in the market.Cryolux also devises simple solutions to some of the most complex cold chain requirements around the world.

Cryolux Factory 1

Cryolux Factory Clean Room

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Cryolux- Innovation is the Difference