Cryolux 4Ply Reusable Dry ice packs and 2-Ply Disposable Ice sheets are made as a thin dehydrated sheet weighing just under 40 grams. The sheet is thermally bonded FDA approved plastic film and non-woven textile. The 4ply Reusable Model has Plastic on both sides with 2 layers of Non-woven textile on the inside and each cell containing sodium Polyacrylate polymer.The 2ply disposable ice pack works on the same principle except that it has Plastic on one side with a non-woven fabric on the other. The ice sheets 10” x 14” has 24 cells each 2”x 2”. These dry ice sheets can be easily cut in between cells. 

  • Medical Grade Reusable Dry Ice packs - 500Grams

    Medical Grade Reusable Dry Ice packs - 500Grams

  • Medical Grade Reusable Dry Ice packs - 500Grams

    Medical Grade Reusable Dry Ice packs - 500Grams

    Dimensions - 17 x 24 x 3 Cms 

    Reusable Over and Over Again

    Can Be Cut to Size | Flexible When Frozen

    Non-Toxic Ingredients | FDA Approved Materials

    The product of Choice by Leading Companies for Cold Deliveries.

    Highly Recommended for Transport of Chilled & Frozen Food

    Stays Frozen up to 7 Times Longer than Ice

    Proprietary Phase Change Formulation

  • Food Grade Disposable Dry Ice packs - 1KG

    Food & Medical Grade Disposable Dry Ice packs - 1KG 

    - Non-Toxic Ingredients

    - Condensation Free Ice Pack

    - FDA Approved Materials

    - The product of Choice by Leading Companies for Cold Deliveries. 

    - Highly Recommended for Transport of Chilled & Frozen Food 

    - Stays Frozen up to 5 Times Longer than Ice

    - Proprietary Phase Change Formulation  

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How to Activate the Dry ice packs

In order to activate these sheets, they just need to be soaked in lukewarm water, the cells start to absorb water and are ready to use in about 5 to 7 minutes. The 24 cell Hydrated Dry Ice weigh just under 1Kg !! so they are transformed from a 40gram sheet to a 1Kg ice pack.

How to Freeze Dry ice packs

To Freeze these Dry ice packs its best they are stacked right above the Freezer plate. To ensure they don’t stick to each other when they are being frozen its best that they are stacked in the freezer with the plastic facing down. Once these icepacks are well frozen for over 24 Hours you have a flexible frozen sheet. It's best to ensure your freezer temperature we turned to the lowest temperature as these ice packs can freeze to the temperature of your freezer ie… -21C. Remember the colder they are frozen, the longer they stay frozen.

How to pack a cooler with Dry ice packs

The best way to Pack your box with these frozen Dry ice sheets is to lay them on the bottom, on the sides and create a blanket of ice around the payload. To ensure you get the best performance it's best to pack them in thermally well-insulated boxes made of Styrofoam, Polyurethane, PUFF boxes or Quality Ice boxes and Cooler bags. We recommend that you packed a layer of bubble wrap between the frozen ice pack and the payload if your payload is temperature sensitive and can be affected by freeze burn.

We recommend that you use one 24 cell Dry ice sheet per 7 liters of insulated container Volume. The Number of Ice sheets to be used usually depend on quality & thickness of thermal insulation, temp of payload, Ambient Temperature temp etc .These Cryolux Ice packs are used widely used by Pharmaceutical Labs, Online Groceries and super market chains for the food deliveries. Thanks to their design ,they don’t leave a mess or water behind when they thaw out hence making them perfect for transporting mushrooms, flowers, medicines, vaccines, seafood, Meat, Tissue culture saplings and even laboratory samples to name a few

Quality Approved

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