Bubble Back Gel Packs

Bubble Back Gel packs – also known as Antifreeze burn Gel packs.These Ice packs are commonly used in cold chain applications in the pharmaceutical industry. There are situations where the products or specimens that are closest to the Gel pack and receive more cold energy and thereby affect the integrity of the specimen/ product.Some times the gel packs work so well that they may freeze the specimen. The bubbles in on one side of the ice pack act as an insulation barrier between the specimen and the icepack. The bubble back gel packs are nothing but a layer of Bubble Wrap sealed against one of the sides of a Gel pack. These gel packs are also used for transporting organs for organ transplantation.Since these Gel packs come in direct contact with Medications, it's recommended that customers purchase only TGA approved Products that are made in ISO and HACCP Certified Factories.

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