New Duo Temp Instant First Aid Ice pack - Box of 50 Pcs

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Fold to activate Instant Ice pack - No More Crushing or Punching

Duo Temp Instant Ice pack - 2 Chill Zones - 1 Ice pack ( No more Towels  )

No Freezing Required - Activates Instantly 

Indefinite Shelf Life  | Single-Use Disposable 

Size: 15 cms x 12 cms

Box of 50 Instant Ice Packs !!


FDA Approved







The New Duo Temp Instant Ice packs are an innovative First Air Cryotherapy by Cryolux, Unlike traditional Instant ice packs, these are ice packs are designed to have 2 temperature zones for your comfort, So you don't require a towel between the skin and the ice pack anymore. Unlike conventional Instant ice packs, these Innovative ice packs can be activated by simply Folding the ice pack rather than crushing or punching which usually bursts the seams and spills the chemicals causing a Hazard. These ice packs can be stored at normal ambient room temperature and when activated by folding, they react with the chemicals inside and release cold energy as a result of an Endothermic reaction. Although these instant ice packs are ideal for Cryotherapy First Aid Applications and can stay cool for upto 30 minutes. Ideal for First Aid, this new product would be a winner for Schools, Colleges, Gyms, Hospitals, Clinics, Dental Clinics, Cosmetic Surgery clinics etc. 


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