Cryophase PCM Gel packs ( Phase Change Material ) Gel Packs are high-performance gel packs depending on the materials they have different saturation points. Example - Our one of -15 Degree PCM is designed to remain at -5 degrees for the longest period during the Melting process.Some PCM gel packs are even designed to be more malleable when frozen.The advantage is that they can be flexed into the desired shape when they are frozen, ready to be packed into a boxed before they are being shipped away or even the fact that they need to be wrapped around a particular part of the body to help with the recovery of injury. The PCM Gel packs are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, where the specimens are temperature critical. The insulation Materials and the Volume of the gel packs to the airspace are some factors that contribute to the performance of the Cryophase PCM Ice pack

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